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Osmay Calvo, The Cubano!

Osmay Calvo, The Cubano Entertainer Extraordinaire!
Osmay Calvo had the extremely good fortune of discovering his true passion for music early in life.  As a young child growing up in Cuba, he would hear the fantastically colorful songs of local musicians drifting on the wind in the city streets, sending the beat of Conga drums straight to his soul & introducing young Osmay to the incredible culture of tropical vibes & beautiful folk music found throughout his homeland.
By the time he was only nine years old, Osmay entered his first talent show competition – and he won!  It was the genuine confirmation of his talent that the young singer needed to encourage him forward, and a pivotal moment in time that put him right on his own unique pathway to success.  From that day on, Osmay knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life; he focused intently on refining his style and technique, determined to carve out a career as an authentic musician with a voice truly unlike any other.
Osmay surged with the momentum & the excitement surrounding the young star.  Making sure to seize every opportunity that came his way to perform & entertain the people, he sang at a remarkable variety of concerts and festivals for the masses, and continued to excel as a premier singer at local Cuban music competitions.  He sang with legendary artists he looked up to, respected and admired, like Rosita Fornés and Luis Carbonell – he was able to collaborate with the one & only Maestro Jonny Pacheco, the talents of trombonist Jimmy Bosch, and even one of his most personally influential inspirations, Oscar De Leon.
With his stunningly expressive vocals & the sincerity of his songwriting – Osmay’s natural connection to music has given him the ability to move hearts & minds all around the world.  Through his inherent gift of being able to read the room he’s performing in, Osmay finds exciting new ways to entertain his crowd each & every time he performs – quite often deviating from his own original lyrics to draw directly from the special energy surrounding him & the power of the moment, to deliver an unforgettably innovative experience that could never be duplicated.  Combined with his own naturally sensational dance moves, Osmay has proudly been able to raise the level of good times to great, every time he’s stepped on stage.
In 2021, Osmay Calvo reached another major milestone of his career as an artist with the official release of his first solo record, Haberte Conocido Over the course of nine amazing songs that reveal how captivating and charming Osmay is as a singer/songwriter – Haberte Conocido brings the flavor & radiantly colorful culture of true Cuban music, right to the people where it belongs, any time they choose to enjoy it through streaming online.  A spectacular display of Osmay’s vibrantly melodic vocals and spectacular authenticity Haberte Conocido  is a modern-day masterpiece filled with heartfelt material that reveals his pure passion track after track.
Confident, capable, and ready to establish his name in the US market and solidify his legacy as an artist all around the globe – Osmay is set to release fantastic new music onto the internet in every year ahead, in addition to performing a superhuman amount of shows in the future to follow!  From playing feature spots at festivals, to thrilling crowds from concert venues, to creating wonderful memories with his band by entertaining loved ones at weddings and special events – Osmay’s music is perfect for every occasion.
A true reflection of his lifelong passion, he has put his heart & soul into every single note he’s ever sung, and will continue to in his bright future ahead – Osmay lives to sing, and loves every minute that he has the opportunity to share his talent & voice with the world; he looking forward to entertaining YOU next!

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